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Running from the Resurrection

The Gospel of Mark is a fast-moving narrative of Christ’s life and ministry.
  • Mark’s favourite word is a Greek term that is translated “immediately” or “at once.” It could also be translated “and just like that.
  • Mark uses it more than 40 times, especially in the early chapters.
One other unique aspect of the Gospel of Mark is how it ends.
If we had only this ending in the Gospel of Mark, we might believe in the empty tomb, but we would wonder whether faith is really stronger than fear.
  • But the fleeing women in the Gospel of Mark speak to all of us who read their account because this is how the story of Christ’s resurrection affects us.
The two Marys and Salome are very much like us.
  • They are faithful and courageous women who run because it is terrifying to announce the resurrection to a world that puts its trust in crucifixion.
  • And that is why we also run from the resurrection.
If the resurrection is true, the story ends not with hatred and death but with love and new life, and the world is turned upside down and inside out.
  • The message of the resurrection is that the world that puts its trust in power and death is insane.
The final ending of Mark’s Gospel doesn’t come when the women go running down the road.
  • The final ending of Mark’s Gospel is actually a few verses before that.
The resurrection is not only about overcoming death.
  • It shows us what our lives mean now.
  • In the midst of our fearfulness, in spite of our hesitation, let’s listen to the Christ who greets us in a fresh and reshaped world of life and love.