Why Do Good?

January 16, 2022
Who are you when nobody can see you? Who are you when nobody is looking?
Why do you think the way you do about right and wrong? Is it determined by individual or communal preferences?

Now What?

January 2, 2022
The presents are unwrapped. But have you unfolded your gifts for use and service?

Boxing Day

December 26, 2021
The birth of Christ was a very out-of-the-box miracle for the world.

Immanuel – God Coming Close

December 19, 2021
There is no evidence that Mary or anyone else ever called Jesus "Immanuel." So, what is the significance of that name as recorded by Matthew?

Advent Joy

December 12, 2021
Advent Joy doesn't come in a box or from anything else in this world. It is joy to the world.
The final word from Job, and the Better Job whose birth we celebrate at Advent, is to hold on to hope.
Not all advice given by friends to those experiencing grief and loss is helpful or truthful. Consider the advice given by the friends of Job.
Can we be honest with God while continuing to cling to him amidst pain and adversity? Insight from Job.
When it comes to suffering and loss, we don’t always have an answer to WHY. But what we can understand is HOW. The second of a series of messages from…
For as long as men and women have walked this earth, they have shared the journey with someone, somewhere, named Job. What can we learn from him about the inevitable…
Feeling blessed? Don't hoard it . . . share it!
What makes feet beautiful is not their physical appearance but what they bear.

Giving Thanks

October 10, 2021
Ray McMillan offers thoughts on gratitude and thanksgiving.
How long is the list of God's requirements? The length of the list of an Old Testament prophet may surprise you.
There is no descendant of David reigning in Jerusalem anymore, no kingdom of Judah or kingdom of Israel either. The fourth of seven key Old Testament verses points to the…
The third of seven key Old Testament verses highlights how God has always had a purpose for his people.


September 12, 2021
Seven Sentences #2 is about how God’s people are to be dispensers of blessing not collectors.
This is how the story of the Bible begins. The first in a series of messages highlighting seven sentences that summarize the message of the Old Testament.
The final "Summer Shorts" message looks to the big message from Paul's shortest letter.
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