Peculiar Practices

May 28, 2023
Two particular and peculiar practices encourage growth to maturity for believers.  

Peculiar People

May 21, 2023
Jesus's life and teaching challenges us to live our lives with faithful peculiarity.

Dual Citizenship

May 14, 2023
Why the church hands people a dual citizenship passport when they come up out of the waters of baptism.

Kingdom Dexterity

May 7, 2023
Are you kingdom ambidextrous?

Jesus the Great I And

April 30, 2023
How faith is built on the either/or and lived out in the both/and.

Lament to Trust

April 23, 2023
In a chaotic world, the life of faith will mean living some days in lament.

Wait for It!

April 16, 2023
Looking to God for hope amid the chaos is living and surviving by faith. Third message in a series from an obscure Old Testament prophet.

Time For A Fresh Start

April 9, 2023
Because of the resurrection of Christ, failure is not fatal or final.

Missions Emphasis Sunday

April 2, 2023
Presentations about Zambia Mission Fund Canada and the Gentle Road Church in Regina.

God At Work

March 26, 2023
God is working. Sometimes it is in ways we don't expect or don't even want.

Paying Attention

March 19, 2023
Do we pay attention when wrong and injustice confront us or do we turn our heads away?

A Woman at a Well

March 12, 2023
In the most unlikely places and through the most unexpected voices, the Word of God speaks, and the Living Water flows.

A Good Death

March 5, 2023
What is the meaning of a good death for those whose hope is in the resurrection of Christ?

And When I Die

February 26, 2023
At some point, everyone encounters the question, “What happens next?” What happens after we die?
Death is no less inevitable than it’s ever been.

Where You Go, I Will Go

February 12, 2023
For Valentine's Day, a story from Scripture about fidelity that refused to abandon.

Doing Church

January 29, 2023
There are all sorts of ideas about how to "do" church. But what if it isn't so much about practice as it is about presence?

The Family Gathering

January 22, 2023
We did not choose it; we were saved into it. The only choice we have is how we will care for it.

The Gathering Crowd

January 15, 2023
Gatherings are powerful. They can change lives, change cultures, even change the world.

Who Needs the Church?

January 8, 2023
What occurs to you at nine o’clock on a Sunday morning when you’re sitting in your favourite chair, listening to your favourite music service and enjoying a cup of coffee?…
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