The Caravan Life

April 7, 2024
Guest Speaker: Ray McMillan
When you want to drown out a truth, your lies or half-truths don’t have to be believable or well-founded.

From Palms to Passion

March 24, 2024
Walking with Jesus in the final week.

Looking Where Jesus Looks

March 17, 2024
Our eyes can be easily diverted, but Jesus wants us to look where he is looking. And that means looking to the cross.

A Mountain View

March 10, 2024
Looking up is vital to our relationship with God. But looking down is where we can do God’s will.
Christians are often focused on the Cross of Christ. But the cross that can also get in our way.
We all know what we ought to do (give or take a few details). But we all manage, at least some of the time, not to do it.

A Laughable Blessing

February 18, 2024
Blessed are the meek? So weak!

The Grace of Giving

February 11, 2024
When it comes to money, the Bible isn’t shy. And Jesus loved to talk about money. So, let's talk about the grace of giving.

The Oddest Blessing

January 28, 2024
A blessing for the weeping class.

The Way of Trust

January 21, 2024
We all lack something in our lives. How we live with that lack is the way of trust.
No surprise that it comes from Jesus himself.

What Time Is It?

December 31, 2023
At the intersection of the years, looking back and looking forward, we want to understand our times and seasons.

Defining Love

December 17, 2023
The astonishing and life-changing message of Jesus is that God didn’t just declare his love. He demonstrated it. (Apologies for video and sound glitches)

Great News of Joy

December 10, 2023
Advent Joy is about anticipation and expectancy for the impending birth of the Jesus the Messiah.

A Genesis Double-Take

November 26, 2023
The lengthy list of names at the beginning of Matthew's account of Jesus' birth contains a message of hope.
Abraham did it. So did Habakkuk. But is it okay for us to question God?
A dark psalm reveals that it is okay to fail.
The phrase "Do not be afraid!" is found numerous times in the Bible. Do you read it as a command or a word of comfort?
Sadness makes our hearts more compassionate. It's OK to be sad.
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