The third of seven key Old Testament verses highlights how God has always had a purpose for his people.


September 12, 2021
Seven Sentences #2 is about how God’s people are to be dispensers of blessing not collectors.
This is how the story of the Bible begins. The first in a series of messages highlighting seven sentences that summarize the message of the Old Testament.
The final "Summer Shorts" message looks to the big message from Paul's shortest letter.
A "Summer Shorts" message from the fifth shortest book of the Bible focuses on how believers should contend for the faith.
The French philosopher Voltaire is said to have held a grudge against the OT prophet Habakkuk, calling him a "rogue" who was "capable of anything." Nevertheless, countless faithful souls have…
The ending of the Book of Jonah is a shot across the bow. How big are our hearts?
Sometimes the way up is down, especially in those belly-of-the-fish times.
If you think the story of Jonah is all about the fish, you've got it wrong.
The Book of Ruth reveals that, even as God is doing something for Ruth and Naomi on the scale of their lives and struggles, God is also doing something for…
The radical spirit of loving-kindness and self-giving we see in Jesus shone brightly the night Naomi sent Ruth to the threshing floor.
Don't let go of the possibility that there is considerably more to God’s involvement in our lives than we might detect.
The first chapter of the Book of Ruth reveals that your light can still flicker even during the darkest of life's moments.

Dry Bones

June 6, 2021
A startling and stirring image confronted the prophet Ezekiel - dry bones. Lynn Anderson shares how such an arresting picture can challenge and comfort even today.

Our Mindful God

May 30, 2021
Pack away a piece of God’s mindfulness and care in your heart. Wrap it carefully like a precious gem.

The Day the Wind Blew

May 23, 2021
The most famous windstorm of all time announced an empowering arrival.

The God Who Sees Me

May 16, 2021
God’s interaction with Hagar is a story with some incredible - and beautiful - contours to it.

Mother of All Living

May 9, 2021
When it is time to hand out Mother of the Year awards, few would think to nominate Eve. But Eve deserves more respect as a mother and a woman than…


May 2, 2021
How about church.we instead of

Faith Deconstructed

April 25, 2021
It is vitally important to distinguish between deconstructing wrong beliefs and deconstructing faith.
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