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History of the Gravelbourg Church of Christ
From: “Prairie Projections” Leadership Rally ’89, Church of Christ Regina

In 1936, Sunday services were held in Skip Bell’s home. Mrs. Bell, a member since early in 1900, and Elf, a new Christian, were the only Christians. A few more became Christians and services were still held in Bell’s home.

In 1949 and one, meetings were held in other Christian homes and finally in 1956 we met in the Stanton School house.

We moved to La Fleche in April of 1962. A nice size group after several baptisms took place. But then some moved away and some passed on. Being a small group and needing a building we decided to build in Gravelbourg.

On November 4th, 1980 the forms were put in for the church building. Melvin Jacobs was the head carpenter. The first worship service in the new building was held on June 28th, 1981. Morris Bailey, who had preached for us in La Fleche, spoke in Gravelbourg. There were 12 members present.

The Grand Opening of the building was held on November 8th, 1981. On March 29th, 1983 Al Bojarski from Ontario was hired as our full time preacher. From 1983 – 1985 there were 20 baptisms. From 1986 – 1987 there were 5 baptisms. Many failed to remain faithful.

On March 5th, 1985 Glen MacDonald was hired and began to minister with us in April 1985. At present our membership is 24 adults.

Some of the activities in our history include . . .

–       January – April (1982)      David Cannon taught a class on Ephesians.
–       April 2 – 4, 1982               Lance Penny held a workshop on Drugs & Alcohol.
–       Different years. . . .           Ladies Bible Study.
–       July 1983                          Vacation Bible School (previously held on the Bell farm) held in Gravelbourg.
–       January 1984                    Jim Hawkins held a Workshop on Marriage Enrichment.
–       February 1984                  Marriage Enrichment Film Series. . . Brecheen and Faulkner.
–       March 31, 1984                 First Gravelbourg Ladies Day.
–       January 12, 1985              Tommy Downs held a Workshop on Teaching.
–       January 27, 1985              Jim & Carolyn Hawkins held a Workshop on Parenting.
–       April 4, 1985                      Western Christian College Chorus Tour performed.
–       January 1986                    Heart of the Fighter Film Series. . . Landon Saunders.
–       February 28, 1986            Meeting with Jack Outhier.
–       June 30, 1986                   Mrs. Denton held a Learning Center Workshop.
–       Winter 1985                       Began having Bible Studies in various homes.
–       January 1987                    Ray McMillan held a series on Discipleship.
–       March 1987                       Showed the “Does God Exist?” video series. . . John Clayton.
–       July 1988                           John Clayton came and held a “Does God Exist?” Lectureship.
–       1989                                  Jim Hawkins held a Workshop on “Developing a Healthy Self-Image”
–       At Present                         Home Studies using the “Bible Talk” video series.


Little Church on the Prairie: God’s work in Gravelbourg
By Bobby Ross Jr. Published in The Christian Chronicle, Aug. 1, 2009

Just off the main highway, behind the Snack Shack Eatery and the GravelBowl Lanes & Billiards, sits the Church of Christ. A bright green John Deere tractor rumbles down a nearby street as an older couple watch closely from their front porch. “Everyone Welcome,” says a sign outside the church’s newly renovated building. In more than a few places in rural Canada, Churches of Christ are dying.
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